Sophisticated simplicity recreates the atmosphere of an antique farmhouse
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Sophisticated simplicity recreates the atmosphere of an antique farmhouse

In Vigodarzere, a villa with a swimming pool challenges the dimensions of a long, narrow lot

MIDE architetti

Sophisticated simplicity recreates the atmosphere of an antique farmhouse
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Set between the Brenta River and the Muson dei Sassi Canal in Italy’s Veneto region, Vigodarzere is a town poised between different historical and socioeconomic contexts. MIDE architetti recently designed a private villa there, with clean lines and the typical features of rural houses. The project was a mathematical and geometric challenge because of the shape and dimensions of the lot. Long and narrow, it dictated the characteristics of the home, including its forms and spatial organization, to the point that the two mirror each other.

To make the best use of the approximately 100 foot (30 m) long site, the architects opted for a single-level plan, organized in such a way as to direct the eye towards the simplicity and clarity of the lines and angles of both the building and natural setting. And the surrounding nature is brought into the interiors of the home through large windows and retractable sliding partitions. One of the best examples of this is the side of the home that faces the pool, with its succession of large transparent and opaque sections, depending on the function of the rooms inside. The lounge-kitchen opens to the outside via a sliding glass door that connects the living space to the porch. This hybrid area, which leads to the sun area, garden, and swimming pool, uses the tones and materials of the indoor space to create a gradual transition and pathway. The lines of the portico, created by a subtle extension of one of the two pitches of the roof, are similarly simple and clean, giving a strong personality to the entire home.

Villa a Vigodarzere, MIDE architetti © Alberto Senigallia, courtesy of MIDE architetti

By contrast, the area of the bedrooms is much more protected and respectful of the privacy of the residents, with the windows on the garden side resembling slits of light. At night, in particular, they create an interplay of light and shadow like the beam of a lantern. The master bedroom at the far end of the house, however, is defined by a window that occupies almost the entire narrow side of the volume. This element accentuates the high visual permeability of the project between inside and out – a feature of all the rooms and their functions.

The extension on a single level is enhanced by keeping connecting spaces such as corridors to a minimum, this improving the livability of the most important spaces and key areas of family interaction. A delicate palette inspired by the colors of nature acts as a connecting thread between the different parts of the house, while also enhancing the dialogue with the local landscape.

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Location: Vigodarzere, Padova
Architects: MIDE architetti
Client: Private
Completion: 2022
Built-up area: 300 m2
Construction Company: Pajaro Costruzioni​​​​​​​
Photography by Alberto Senigallia, courtesy of MIDE architetti

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