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Interior Design and Color

12:43 Architekten

Soho Aesthetics Clinic
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Jung has participated in the project

Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier from Jung is an exclusive range of switches in 63 colors that – quite uniquely – can all be combined with any other color in the range. This opens up endless possibilities for color in architectural design: colored switches can be used with white walls or white switches on colored walls, tone on tone variations are another option, as are specific color schemes.

Clinica Soho Aesthetics © Henrik Schipper, courtesy Jung

This is the case for the Soho Aesthetics clinic in Stuttgart, where the use of bright pastel colors defines the spaces to produce the ideal harmony and well-being effect needed for patients at this beauty clinic. The interior design project was the work of 12:43 Architekten and, throwing out the traditional vision of aseptic, monotonous rooms for such facilities, it delights in colors that flow into each other, highlighting niches, walls and access areas for the different treatment zones.

Clinica Soho Aesthetics © Henrik Schipper, courtesy Jung

The overall effect is a wonderful combination of wall colors built around bright yellow-green, bright turquoise, salmon and grey. In this lively setting, the LS 990 series of switches was chosen, in the Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier vert olive vif, céruléen vif, ocre rouge moyen and gris clair 31 hues, perfectly integrating into the general color vision. The careful use of color gives the rooms a sense of harmony and identity, producing the desired effect of a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere, something that all the different architectural elements add to.


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