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Snow Hill Building 1

Snow Hill Building 1
By Editorial Staff -
Pellini has participated in the project
The urban site of the old Snow Hill station in downtown Birmingham has recently undergone an upgrade operation to plans by Sidell Gibson Architects who have reorganized the whole area, revising the urban connections system, introducing new greenery and pedestrian zones as a public amenity, and building four new blocks: for offices, residences, shops and services. “Snow Hill Building 1” fronts onto Snow Hill Plaza and provides a surface area of 38,000 m2 for offices and commerce. The building stands 15 storeys high. Indoor and outdoor foyers let in natural lighting, while a singular south façade overlooking Snow Hill station leans 6° outwards of vertical. Great attention was paid to bio-climatic features ensuring indoor comfort. Continuous curtainwalling all in structural-glued glass is fitted with solar-controlled standard double-glazing together with differentiated brise-soleil systems. The façade facing south-west is fitted with Pellini’s integrated ScreenLine® system where motor-controlled blinds are inserted inside the double-glazing unit. New technology in the external Pellini motor enables the slats to be aligned. This new generation of direct-drive magnetic front transmission silently synchronizes movement of the blinds. It being an integrated system, the hygroscopic and insulating properties of traditional double-glazing are preserved, with the additional feature that light and heat coming in can be regulated, which vastly improves the indoor climate.

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