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Small House - Major Impact

Small House - Major Impact
By Editorial Staff -
Mapei has participated in the project

An extensive project to regenerate the G124 outskirts of Rome under the guidance of Renzo Piano included creating a structure at a female prison in the Rebibbia neighborhood that is called “Modulo per l’Affettività e la Maternità”, but normally its endearing acronym - M.A.MA - is used.

This small house is a space in which prisoners can meet their families in a setting resembling a domestic space, far removed from the normal anonymous, heavily monitored spaces of prisoner visits. A wooden structure, this 28 sq. m building was constructed with the involvement of male and female inmates - particularly the woodworking section of the Viterbo
prison - under the supervision of the G124 working group at Sapienza University of Rome coordinated by professor Pisana Posocco and composed of Attilio Mazzetto, Tommaso Marenaci and Martina Passeri. The shape immediately recalls a house, with a small loggia leading into the building, which has a living room, kitchenette with a table for eating and a bathroom area. The financial support of the Department of Prison at the Ministry of Justice was critical for this project, which has become a prototype that can be replicated in other prisons. The Rebibbia project included a lawn area that gives prisoners the opportunity to enjoy some of the typical activities of domestic life in a protected environment.

Mapei was involved as a sponsor, providing products for waterproofing (Mapelastic Smart cementitious mortar, Mapeband Easy rubber tape and Mapetex Sel macro-holed non-woven fabric), for decorating the walls (Eco Prim Grip ready-to-use bonding promoter and primer and Elastocolor Pittura elastomeric hygienic paint) and for treating the wood (Ultracoat Top Deck Oil).

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