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Sky Deutschland Office Building

Sky Deutschland Office Building
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Pay-TV-company Sky Deutschland recently moved to new headquarters on the north-eastern outskirts of Munich. The architectural design was created by the planning department of Commerz Real AG, Düsseldorf headed by Ute-Maria Kranz. The building, which is very large, is similar in shape to a stadium. Its strong presence, however, is softened by the design of its façade, which, through an interplay of geometries, horizontal lines, materials and transparencies, creates an impression of lightness and dynamism. The façade materials - namely, glass, ceramic and metal - combine in a harmonious blend of surfaces and colours, in which the horizontal bands create the impression of chasing each other around the entire perimeter of the building. The ceramics used for the façade were manufactured by German firm Agrob Buchtal. These coloured glazed tiles were fitted using the KeraTwin system, which is visually unobtrusive and can give even large façades a clean, uniform appearance. Great care was given to the finer details to produce a visually excellent overall result. An example is that besides the standard 120x30 cm size also 35 cm high tiles have been used to get always “complete rows” and to avoid inconsistent 5 cm strips. To ensure the aesthetics if this sophisticated architectural concept also in the long term the façade ceramics is provided with Hydrotect. This innovative coating is burned into the glaze at high temperatures and makes the treated tiles hydrophilic: rainwater does not turn to droplets on the surface, but spreads as a thin film that traps dirt and therefore leads to a self-washing effect. Hydrotect also has antibacterial properties, breaking down microorganisms and restraining them from reforming, which prevents the growth of algae and moss on facades. Hydrotect also contributes substantially to a cleaner environment, with 1,000 sq m of treated tiles cleaning the air of industrial pollution and automobile fumes as effectively as 70 medium-sized deciduous trees.

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