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Sirenetta Restaurant & Banquet

A Terrace on Mondello Bay

Luigi Smecca Architetti

Sirenetta Restaurant & Banquet
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Isoplam has participated in the project

Sirenetta Restaurant & Banquet is a local symbol of the tradition and history of the Palermo area of Sicily, and it has now reopened, nestling in the blue of the sky and the sea of Mondello bay. Designed by Luigi Smecca Architetti, the revamp deliberately sought to maintain the spirit of its past, but also to enrich and emphasize it through more extensive and profound connections with the sea. In many senses, the idea was to take the restaurant out to the sea, and bring the sea into the restaurant. In practical terms this is evident in nature being physically brought into the interiors, while the complex itself “opens up” to the exterior. In such a project, the importance of extensive glazing cannot be underestimated and is seconded by the use of the glass parapets on the panoramic terrace, forging visual continuity across all environments.

Sirenetta Restaurant & Banquet Foto courtesy Isoplam

The ground floor is characterized by blue and houses a hamburger and pizza restaurant, a coffee space, a pastry counter and wine bar. The upper floor has a large banquet area. The color choices for the minimalist furnishings and internal cladding intentionally reiterate the connection with the sea and nature, creating a combination of typical Sicilian shades on every floor. For example, the beige and ivory of the sand is inevitable, along with the greenery of the vegetation, the white of the clouds and the light blue of the sea and sky, all used in careful proportion with the light and materials.

Sirenetta Restaurant & Banquet Foto courtesy Isoplam

Since this is primarily a hospitality venue, it was essential for the continuity between inside and outside not to reduce practicality. Such considerations were essential in choosing Isoplam’s Skyconcrete Indoor, a low thickness solution that is ideal for continuous flooring. In this case, dove-grey was the chosen shade, with its delightful interplay of nuances created by the lighter background and darker hues. Skyconcrete was not only an excellent esthetic solution, but also a very functional option, given the heavy duty use of such a venue, as the material is very adherent and robust, able to withstand plenty of use, chemicals and atmospheric agents, while also being abrasion and crack resistant. The lack of grouting also facilities cleaning and improves hygiene.


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