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Single-family house

Single-family house
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Rheinzink has participated in the project
A house like a compact solid shell, where the roof drapes down to ground level, cladding the building perimeter. Hence the sense of solidity and protection. Such is the first impression of architect Marco Castelletti’s brainchild at Alzate Brianza, a single-volume home on a trapezoidal plan. The peaked roof slopes towards the parallel sides of the trapezium, the east-west elevations of the building. It stands on three floors, one below ground level. The rooms radiate off the central area, forming a lengthwise break between day- and night-time zones, while crosswise it acts as a filter between the two full-height loggias that open off the slanting sides of the trapezium - in one case off the hall, in the other off the kitchen. The outer face of the building has broad expanses of “blocked-in” as opposed to glazed surfaces and employs three different finishes: dark grey render on the side walls pierced by the two loggia apertures; natural wood for the window and doors, the fixed and openable shutters and the inside of recesses; while “light pickled Preweatheredpro” RHEINZINK® covers the rest from the roof right down the front and back façades forming the enclosing “shell”. “Preweatheredpro RHEINZINK® is advocated on façade cladding and steep roofs since from the word ‘go’ it provides a uniform colour shade throughout the metallic surface and prevents the normally patchy patina that would otherwise form. Pre-weathering keeps the natural properties unchanged (it is not a coat of paint or a surface application of colour substance) and enables a uniform protective patina to form naturally.
The panels are mounted with angular seaming on the façade and double seaming on the roof itself. Angular seaming is usually practised on façade cladding and features a 12 mm broad raised band. Double standing seams are preferred for roofing up to 25°. This involves lengthwise seams on adjacent panels, projecting from water run-off level. With the prescribed minimum height of 23 mm, double seaming is rain-proof and is also eminently suitable for dressing curvatures of all sorts -convex, concave, conical and spherical - for which pre-cambered or tapering panels are available.

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