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Showroom TH01

Communication and sharing in a new light

Showroom TH01
By Redazione The Plan -

Since its acquisition by 3F Filippi, Targetti has been on a year-long journey of innovation and growth that has now entered a new phase of promoting the company’s values while becoming an ever-more trusted partner for lighting designers, architects and interior designers. The opening of the TH01 space at the corporate headquarters in Florence is an evident example of this, having been created on an old light manufacturing site. Developed in close cooperation with the Deferrari-Modesti practice, TH01 was conceived as a dynamic, flexible “container”, with volumes engaged in a play of textures, colors and materials accented through the careful use of light. The space is organized into a showroom, a workshop, and a meeting/events zone, a design explicitly seeking to encourage interaction and exchange. These goals are mirrored by how every element engages with the others, in an interplay with the original industrial architecture that creates light and shadow dynamics as part of an extremely precise lighting design. Visitors initially enter a bar area that leads to a raised space where an installation provides an informal history of the company. A lit U-glass parallelepiped houses a workshop where visitors can see, try and play with lighting devices. The auditorium/meeting area is a large stainless-steel volume, marked by soaring glazed openings looking onto the lightbox, a cage coated with red PVC stripes where lighting is tested. The visit ends with a space overlooking the former warehouse, the true heart of the company’s history. TH01 marks the first step of a journey that will take Targetti onto the international scene and that will see the opening of two similar spaces - TH02 and TH03 - in Shanghai and Paris respectively.

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