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Shadow Garden Pavilion

Eleena Jamil Architect

Shadow Garden Pavilion
By Eleena Jamil Architect -
This temporary installation is designed by Eleena Jamil Architect and sits in a small courtyard at the Shalini Ganendra Fine Art (SGFA) Gallery in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. It is built by students from the School of Architecture, Building & Design (SABD) Taylor’s University Malaysia and it forms part of SGFA-led annual art program called the PavilionNOW series, which is now in its second year. The Shadow Garden Pavilion consists of a system of pressed galvanised steel shutters connected to planter boxes by a system of ropes and pulleys that are hung from a simple timber structure. The planter boxes are filled with aromatic and fragrant plants and herbs that are commonly used in local cooking. The act of opening and closing the shutters moves the plants up and down, transforming the space within and around it with ever changing shadow play. Moving the shutters and plants to different positions offer variable shading from direct sun – appropriate for the delicate herbal plants which often don’t need prolonged exposure to sunlight. The installation also explores use of local materials and traditional building methods. The main structure, for example, uses locally sourced hardwood – merbau and balau - in the form of rectangular timber sections. These are mainly joined together using an old woodworking method called tanggam, which essentially refers to a collection of traditional interlocking joints to connect pieces of timber without fasteners and screws. Traditionally, tanggam can be found used to build old vernacular timber structures in Malaysia. The timber sections are cut and shaped by students in the timber workshop at the architecture department of Taylor’s University and then brought to the gallery site to be assembled. This is followed by installation of the pulley system, shutters and planter boxes. The pavilion is open to the public to experience at the gallery until February 2016 before it is moved to a more permanent location.
ARCHITECT: Eleena Jamil Architect ELEENA JAMIL ARCHITECT’S TEAM: Nurhidayah Ab Razak, Yusri Amri Yussoff PROJECT COORDINATOR: Shalini Ganendra of Shalini Ganendra Fine Art Gallery Assistants: William Forrester, Bea Hannay –Young, Eleonore de Sterio TAYLOR’S UNIVERSITY TEAM: Overall Project Supervisor: Associate Professor Dr. Veronica Ng; Project Supervisors for Fabrication and On-Site Installation: Mr. Mohamed Rizal Mohamed (Lead) Ar. Sateerah Hassan Mr. Mohd Adib Ramli Mr. Azim Sulaiman; Student Team: Amos Tan Chi Yi, Nge Jia Chen, Lim JoeOnn, Foo Wei Min, Bridget Tan Su Ting, Caleb Soh Er Wen, Lee Czen Shing, Chia Sue Hwa, Khor Yen Min, Chang Zhi Chung, Ng Yi Yang, Nor Syarianna Neo, Cheah Hoong Fei, Te Li Theng, Peh Ker Neng, Chu Szi Wei, Low Yong Ging, Nurin Abdullah, Ameer Farhan Ramlan, Chok Jia Jun, Huynh Minh Nhat Dinh, Tristan Yu, Benjamin Jia Yeow, Poh Zi Yang, Foo Shi Ko TIMBER SPONSORS: Malaysian Timber Council PHOTOGRAPHY: Lawrence Law (Pixelaw)
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