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Sgarzi Winery
By Editorial Staff -
Promo has participated in the project
The Sgarzi Winery extension was done by Alberto Castellari of Archistudiø in Castel San Pietro Terme (Bologna). The design was based on the attentive use of materials and an in-depth formal study to ensure the building fitted harmoniously into the surrounding landscape of vineyards. Attention was also placed on cutting consumption and energy savings. The eastern part of the building is where visitors and guests are welcomed, while the western block is for commercial and administrative operations. The other feature, a truncated cone-shaped tower has guest accommodation and a meeting room with a panoramic view. The two main blocks are, on the southern front side, characterised by glazed sections and cladding with prefabricated panels made of wood and other materials. They are also linked by a glazed walkway at office level and a raised pergola. The entire envelope was developed in conjunction with Promo’s technical office to combine “tradition” and “contemporary”. This is done using large glulam beams and larch-wood fillets that contrast with Fundermax, Riverclack and Auria panels. Zinc-titanium Rheinzink cladding is also used, especially because it is so weather resistant. The large glazed façade on the southern side helps open up the building to the outside, turning the area between the tasting room and offices above into a usable space. The many lateral openings provide impressive views of the countryside and the wine production facilities. At night, with the lights on, transparency becomes an even more powerful “leitmotiv”, as the interior illumination streams out and plays with the water in the basins. This effect is amplified by the use of crystal partitions that help create a sense of visual unity and draw out the grain of the wood on the walls and the floor. Throughout the design phase, real attention was placed on creating systems to save and produce energy (the use of screens and external shading, the roof garden and photovoltaic cells on the roof). Promo - the main contractor - played an essential role in ensuring that both the client and the architect were completely satisfied.

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