Segreen Business Park Milano Segrate studio elementare
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Segreen Business Park: harmony between space, people and nature

The new office complex in Milan Segrate has been designed as the last expansion of the entire business area

studio elementare

Segreen Business Park Milano Segrate studio elementare
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Schueco, Metra, Marazzi have participated in the project

A triangular frame suspended on the façade: this is the first obvious new addition in the office complex designed by studio elementare in Milano Segrate as part of the Segreen Business Park expansion. A series of complementary and interconnected buildings makes up the park. They have risen from the partial demolition of the former Microsoft premises in an already established context, and have undergone an overhaul in terms of aesthetics and purpose, thanks to specific intervention sensitive to the ties between architecture, humans and nature, in a strategic postition, at 10 Km Milano city center and 5 Km from Linate airport.

The solution sees the inclusion of new unconventional volumes, green areas on various levels, and auxiliary spaces along its central strip, which becomes a linking feature between the old and the new. The ground-floor connections to public space and the top-floor ones to the large roof garden make the various areas accessible and interconnected; the changes in gradient are slight and well balanced. These features combine with the variations in color and the textiles used for the paneling to endow the entire business park with decisive overtones of a new identity.


"The primary need was to develop a design that could harmoniously integrate a new addition between two units, namely the former Microsoft premises, now in disuse, and the existing multi-tenant section known as Segreen, so as to foster creation of a single business park."  Paolo Pasquini, founder of studio elementare


Segreen Business Park - studio elementare © Lorenzo Zandri, courtesy of studio elementare


LEED Well-oriented workspaces

The design by studio elementare has taken the concept of environmental well-being as its mantra. This approach to architecture is conveyed through a balance between spaces, open and closed volumes, and non-conflictual interactions between humans and nature. In technical terms, the concept has followed guidelines hinged on satisfying LEED Well standards, which focus on personal well-being also in the workplace.

The buildings' green roofs ‒ offering impressive rooftop gardens accessible from the offices ‒ underscore the eco-sustainability of the complex, making it unconventional also in aesthetic terms: shadow and light interact vertically, also overlapping on the color interplay of the façade and varying with the viewpoint and the natural light, while the front elevation is finished in rich color. All these details contribute to the visual harmony of the entire Segreen Business Park. "The design provides a new organism able to adapt to its surroundings, the seasons and the hours of the day" explains Paolo Pasquini. "Architecture constantly interacting with nature was the departure point also when selecting the materials to use." 

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Location: Milan, Italy
Completion: 2023
Area: 31.000 m2
Client: PineBridge Benson Elliot
Architect: studio elementare
Development Project Manager: Europa Risorse

Windows Frame and Façade System: Schüco and Metro
Ceramics: Marazzi

Photography by Lorenzo Zandri, courtesy of studio elementare

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