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Sede Campari
By Editorial Staff -
Pellini has participated in the project
Campari’s erstwhile HQ at Sesto San Giovanni has been reinstated in its former role through this major conversion operation to plans by Mario Botta and Giancarlo Marzorati, the rationale being to upgrade a historic site redolent of past memories, and thereby keep Sesto as the multinational’s operative centre.
The new office block rises around a portion of the old premises, closing off the side elevations with new cotto infill panels. The main façade has symbolic significance: a monumental entranceway looming out of urban monotony, and through its perforations glimpses of the dovetailing new brick volumes, their solid matter etched into by slender glass shapes. The side elevation onto via Sacchetti strikes a lighter note, being anchored to the ground on a layer of glass. What strikes the eye in the inner courtyard is the lawn covering the lobby roof which shelves towards a thin water feature bringing lightness and transparency into the setting with its red curtain wall, green hanging garden and surrounding vegetation.
Inside the offices the need to achieve high ambience comfort narrowed the choice to a screening system fitted to the broad expanses of glazing: Pellini’s Rullo Maxi screens, motorized and radio-controlled by RTS technology. Made of fire-resistant Verosol filtering fabric whose fibres are coated in aluminium molecules by the patented “Three chambers” method, Rullo Maxi screens reflect the heat and regulate the light, whilst keeping a fine view out of doors. Even in conditions of extreme glare, the fabric keeps the interior protected. Selective reduction of solar radiation is another winning feature in terms of energy saving.
The same motorized Rullo Maxi blind system was chosen for the spacious foyer, this time in darkening PVC. The fabric is here enlivened by colourful screen-printed images depicting historic Campari publicity campaigns. They seem to slide in perfect parallel, a communicative backdrop.
The emergency exits are fitted with the Light series of blinds: hand-operated in black material, neatly matching the door fittings, their clean lines adding an elegant aesthetic touch to an essential, yet usually unexploited, building function.

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