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Sanlorenzo Yacht

The elegance of a floating loft

Lissoni Associati | Studio Marty Lowe

Sanlorenzo Yacht
By Editorial Staff -
Listone Giordano has participated in the project

The latest yacht to come out of the Sanlorenzo shipyard is a vision of luxury in the shape of a floating loft designed by Piero Lissoni, with support from Listone Giordano, market leader for design wooden flooring and the best parquet, and Studio Marty Lowe. The design upturns the concept of “yacht” in an amalgamation of classic motor yacht and explorer vessel that truly creates a unique product for the industry. Inside and out, the work of leading designers and architects is evident, often in an exploration of the latest materials. The yacht is characterized by an elevated bow that sinuously slides down towards the stern. Requiring some of the latest construction techniques, the yacht has a fiberglass hull and a carbon superstructure. Inside, the appearance is dominated by large spaces and enormous windows that provide sweeping views of the surrounds, an aspect the shipowners insisted on. Nature embraces this yacht - the blue of the sea and the rays of the sun elegantly falling on the floor - through this glazing, filling the open-plan interior with filtered light and colors. The eating, living and kitchen areas are all merged into one interconnected yet extensive space. The entire floor for this maritime loft is uniform to reiterate this sense of unity of space. The product chosen from Listone Giordano’s collections was SLIDE Natural Genius by Daniele Lago in the Pienza shade. The color hues were central in swaying the decision to choose this solution, recalling the nuances of wood exposed to a salty sea breeze. Its geometric shapes seem irregular, but are not, helping convey a contemporary sense that adds to the sophistication and elegance. On the lower level, the sleeping area was kept more separate, clearly distinct from the open-space approach above. The furnishings were deliberately chosen to create a sense of cross-fertilization of styles, matching classic, iconic elements with oriental and object trouvé pieces in a beautiful, ultimately harmonious balance.

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