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Sunscreens for Smart Working Spaces

Kohn Pedersen Fox

Samsung District
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The Diamond Tower is part of the Porta Nuova Varesine complex designed by Kohn Pedersen Fox that in turn is part of the regeneration of this area of Milan. The Tower is home to the Samsung District, which houses the headquarters of Samsung Electronics Italia, the Smart Arena auditorium and a Smart Home showroom where anybody can experience an interactive home first hand. Boasting LEED Gold certification, the office block rises nine stories across 12,500 sq. m and acts as a bastion of optimal energy performance, innovation and quality of materials for an exceptionally comfortable working environment. The smart-working approach underlying the design resulted in a combination of open spaces and more closed, private sections to ensure all working needs could be met, even when such needs change during a single day and as different employees come and go. The plentiful natural light is a central element in user comfort, but such light must also be screened as required to prevent annoyingly bright glare, blinding rays and excessive, draining heat. Omnitex provided the necessary roller curtains - 964 in total - that, aside from their practical functions, also have a dynamic impact on the overall appearance of the block. These curtain blinds offer an excellent combination of a perfect view of the outside and regulation of the amount of light flowing in to ensure ideal conditions for using computer screens or the extensive video projection systems. Some of the curtains are regulated manually, using a chain system (omnitex-sis-rulcat002), and some are motorized (omnitex-sis-rulmot001). The blinds are made with a metallized fabric - Verosol Enviroscreen G3 Optimum - that filters light and reflects heat. Importantly, this fabric is 100% cradle-to-cradle recyclable, but also has excellent visual and thermal performance, flame retardant properties and up to 74% external sun reflection. The six different color versions provided the breadth of choice the client was looking for, ensuring the ideal choice for this project and making these roller curtains an integral part of the aesthetics of these working environments.

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