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Sait headquarters
By Editorial Staff -
The new SAIT headquarters at the Trento entrepot are a management complex whose business will be purchasing, stocking and forwarding goods into the sales network of two provinces, Trento and Bolzano.
Studio Tecnopolis drew up the plans with architectural consultation from Mauro Degiampietro. The operation includes over 42,000 sq m of warehousing, divided by type of wares (miscellaneous foodstuffs, dairy produce and pork-meats, fruit and vegetables, non-food), a wholesale outlet and a 5,800 sq m management building with an underground carpark. The squat shape of the purely functional warehouse is balanced by the more complex geometry of the rest: the management building’s two four- and five-storey drums standing adjacent yet offset; and the triangular wedge shape connecting management to warehouse. Already dynamic in shape, the effect is further heightened by the regular uniform cladding materials on the outside: broad semi-transparent surfaces, walls of plain-coloured panelling, sweeps of unlatticed glass façade reflecting back the mountain setting. The façades and cladding were the work of Pre-metal who also delivered the steel bearing structure and made other accessories.
Mounted on the warehouse roof are 3,630 photovoltaic panels in polycrystalline silicon providing 807 kWp in all and completely meeting the entire energy requirement of the complex. All storage areas are warmed by underfloor heating while the offices are air-conditioned by overhead panelling combined with an air change system. Augmented by effective insulation from the infill panels, these systems will ensure energy saving once the business is up and running.

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