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Ronesans Mecidiyekoy Ofis
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Ronesans Mecidiyekoy Ofis - Mecidiyeköy neighbourhood is one of the most important trasportation centers of İstanbul. Thus it is a favourite office center for firms. Although the area is old and warn –but still vivacious-, it is being regenerated in meaning of urban renewal. Rönesans Mecidiyeköy Offices spring to life in this dinamic potentials.
Building is on the connection route of Büyükdere Caddesi to Profilo AVM. Two opposite borders of the construction area: Cemal Sahir street and Raşit Rıza street has 9 meters of difference between levels. Structure has its block form with 5.50m and 18.50m multiple-stage defined height according to the municipality regulations. It has its architectural language throug the characteristical courtyard placed in the middle which has a great integration with the architectural metarials like balconies, canopy, bridges and façade design. Programme of the building is considered simply that offices, retail shops, carpark and technical areas are only components. All the ground surface floors –exept the retail shops on the ground flooor on the border of Raşit Rıza Street- are offices. There is only carpark and technical spaces under groun levels. Pedestrian access is possible from all streets but carpark/logistics access is on the Raşit Rıza Street. A grid of 8mx6m columns without beam system is used for the concrete structe. This system lets offices and retail shops be used flexibly.
RMO building becomes an outstanding structure with solid mass form, modular façade, courtyard and big terraces which gives the possibility of working within green environment to its users. It is an aim to preset a qualified architecture in opposition to the propertyless building typology around.
Physical and visual continuity is considered important to be able to have a good connection between interior and landscape. In this meaning, most of the offices and social areas are placed through the landscape.
Modular façade design gives the advantage of flexible pattern which is made of traditional, enduring metarials. The grid of 160cm is divided in 110+50cm sub- modules. Façade pattern is created with different usages of sub-modulues with the combination of three metarials: glass, wood and white panels. Moreover, stainless steel mesh is used as a vertical façade component in meaning of sunlight controlling. Illuminated beams are used to highlight the floors and to make the building more dynamic horizontally also at night.
RMO building has LEED Gold Certificate with the usage of traditional metarials, natural light and air contralling systems and solid design aproach.

MuuM is a design oriented practice founded by Murat Aksu and Umut Iyigün in 1998. Located in İstanbul the office focuses on architectural and urban design.
MuuM delivers innovative and sustainable solutions for our clients using contemporary techniques and provides design services ranging from an individual building to large scale master planning.
MuuM aims to produce functional, aesthetically pleasing and socially responsible environments by being in close interaction with every party involved in the design process. The resulting projects take place in an investigative and creative framework based upon social, cultural, environmental values while combining arts, science, technology and economy.

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