Rolex boutique Monte Carlo, Principality of Monaco
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Rolex boutique Monte Carlo, Principality of Monaco

Rolex boutique Monte Carlo, Principality of Monaco
By Editorial Staff -
Barth Innenausbau has participated in the project

Monte Carlo’s new Yacht Club was central to regenerating the port area and it now clearly evokes a yacht moored along the Mediterranean coast. Designed by Forster + Partners, it now faces the old Yacht Club premises. The use of multiple terraces on different levels recalls the decks on a boat looking out onto the sea, but with charming views towards the interior and the route used by the Formula 1 racetrack.
The complex itself is rather like a micro-city that uses photovoltaic cells, solar panels and a cooling system powered by seawater to ensure sustainability.
The interior of the Yacht Club has restaurants, bars, event areas, offices, meeting rooms, workshops, lodgings for guests and a series of major international boutiques connected by walkways and green areas. The entrance to the 120 sq m Rolex store is located on the ground floor, although the shop itself is over two storeys. The interior was designed by the Geneva-based Rolex Interior Design Team and then delivered as a turnkey solution by barth. The boutique’s materials and furnishings pick up both the architectural concept underlying the entire complex and Rolex’s well-established links to yachting.
The sales area is paved in walnut parquet laid like the “deck of a ship”, while the wall decorations, the use of light-coloured leather and the niches all help recreate the atmosphere of a ship. barth oversaw very detail of the fittings and furnishings in the various spaces. This company from Alto Adige produced custom-made display cases (including the free-standing ones), partition walls (including a curved one on the upper floor), the staircase with a backlit side wall, and the parapet on the upper floor in glass, wood and leather, the materials that underscore the entire design. The sail is the most notable element, rising 5 m and acting as both a partition wall and a decorative feature. It was made from a single piece of special composite material - a task that proved especially demanding.

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