Rocca di Mezzo Apartment Block
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Rocca di Mezzo Apartment Block

Thermal and Acoustic Comfort in a Residential Complex

Insula architettura e ingegneria

Rocca di Mezzo Apartment Block
By Editorial Staff -
T2D has participated in the project

Designed by the Insula Architettura e Ingegneria practice in Rome, the brief right from the early stages was to really make the most of the surrounding natural environment, while optimizing the building’s thermal and acoustic performance. One aspect that provided additional complications was that this new building replaced an old apartment complex in a zone subject to building restrictions.

The new structure has 18 apartments spread across three vertical blocks that follow the general lie of this sloping land, but never rise above the other complexes in the area so as to fit seamlessly into the local skyline. The design not only makes smart use of the hill to minimize land use, but also forges a dynamic relationship with the surrounds by staggering the façades outwards and using glass on the central volume, with the entrance and balconies, to play with transparency and allow glimpses of the panorama behind. Each apartment is open on two or three sides, with large terraces shielded from the sun that provide expansive views of the landscape.

Environmental sustainability and achieving demanding levels for energy performance were at the heart of the project. A high-performance envelope, the use of renewable energy sources and highly efficient thermal installations underpinned the building earning A4 Energy Class certification, and tipping the judges’ decision in its favor for the Poroton 2019 Award.

The architects opted for two construction systems from T2D: Tris Tamponamento and Poroton Acustico. The first option is a single infill block that combines three parts, including an insulating section with a unique ledge-shaped structure that creates a continuous thermal break along a wall. The use of special pieces can be included to correct thermal bridges.  The second option, Poroton Acustico, was chosen for the partition walls between the various living units. The special shape of the holes ensures excellent sound insulation, while the nature of the external border and the inclusion of holes that provide space for utilities connections make these ideal for apartment complexes.

This use of materials ensures excellent results in minimizing energy use, while optimizing internal comfort for the people who use these spaces every day.

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