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Tricolor Pergolas

Rialto and Opera
By Editorial Staff -
Pratic F.lli Orioli has participated in the project

The famed Frecce Tricolori - literally, tricolor arrows - aerobatic demonstration team, part of the Italian air force, is based in Rivolto, near Udine, in Italy’s North-East. The base not only has the hangars for the ten two-seater “Pony” planes in the fleet, but also the Frecce Tricolori museum, with a photographic collection detailing the history and activities of these famed flyers. The recent installation of a Rialto and an Opera pergola, the former outside the museum building and the latter near the hangars, has embellished the area. Each version was customized in terms of size, coating and optionals. The Rialto pergola is free-standing, with two adjacent modules extending for 10x7 m, creating a large, covered outdoor space. The motor-powered retractable cover is remote controlled, making it simple to provide protection against the sun or rain. The frame is also customized, with the blue coating mimicking the planes and the LED lighting reproducing the three colors of the Italian flag. The lawn in front of the hangars was turned into a covered space with the addition of a free-standing Opera bioclimatic pergola, which has similar lines and offers the same protection from the elements as the other pergola. This time, the blue is replaced by iron grey to reflect the shades of the Dolomites in the distance. The addition of the Rialto and Opera pergolas has created new open-air spaces where pilots and base personal can relax, or even the visitors who make the trip here to learn more about the Frecce Tricolori.


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