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Private Home - Istanbul, Turkey

Toner Architects

Private Home - Istanbul, Turkey
By Editorial Staff -
Oikos has participated in the project

The district looks out across the Sea of Marmara, roughly a dozen kilometres west of the old heart of Istanbul. It is here that this three-storey villa designed by Toner Architects in collaboration with Design Partner International Istanbul - technical and commercial partner of Oikos - rises, surrounded by a garden and “gazing” out across the sea. Above the entirely glazed ground floor - used as a large eating area - rise the residential areas that open onto the sea side through horizontal windows, but that are generally closed on the other side, as this is where the stairs and utilities are located. The choice of materials fell on wood, glass and stone, using them to mark the different storeys. The importance of materials and details is carried through into the interior and the various access points to the house. For example, the eight different entrances are each guarded by Oikos’ large Synua pivoting security doors. The doors have a natural unity - each is divided into eight sections and has a horizontal steel band where the handle is - but also differ depending on the placement. For the street-level entrance, the main door and the entrance to the upper floors a Cor-ten porcelain stoneware finish was chosen, while for the entrances to the eating area and the living zone, a glazed finish was the order of the day, in agate grey and black respectively. By opting for Synua doors, it was possible to provide security while meeting space needs and formally and aesthetically integrating the doors into the various sections of the house.

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