Residential units in the hills of Fabriano
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Residential units in the hills of Fabriano

Lorenzo Rossi

Residential units in the hills of Fabriano
By Francesco Pagliari -

The building stands on a hill looking down over the old centre of Fabriano. It is on a rectangular plot running east-west.
Four independently-accessed premises have been created and the project aim is to confer a sense of unity despite the separate ownership of these.
The ground floor is clad in brown travertine and forms a plinth which the white-rendered upper storeys perch on and overhang. The different treatment of these surfaces both highlights the differing volumes and emphasizes the horizontal lines of the building.
Care has been taken with the proportions of these volumes, at times by cutting them short, or else gouging balconies into them. The façade composition is a play of aperture alignments and misalignments. On the side with a view of Fabriano and encircling mountains the broad groundfloor windows are offset by jutting terraces on the floor above. The side facing the road has smaller windows.
A pitched roof was required by planning regulations, but it has been given a novel twist by cutting into it on the terrace side and letting it run unbroken on the other. The smooth surface of the flat anthracite-grey roof tiles perfectly matches the inset solar panels.
The bearing structure is of reinforced concrete pillars and girders with an infill of thermal brick blocks. The insulating property of these is enhanced by use of insulating render on the outer side, thus avoiding thermal bridges; underfloor heating, in turn, cuts energy consumption, as well as creating wellbeing. The terrace and balcony parapets are of steel profile and laminated glass. The apartment outer doors are of tubular steel, stretched sheet iron, marine plywood and glass.
The main apartment of the four rises on three floors: a groundfloor living room and kitchen/dining area; bedrooms on the first floor, two of them with balconies; a second floor attic with a large panoramic window and two terraces. The inside staircase is lined in a very light-coloured (and hence bright) pearly coreno stone, while the choice fell on basalt for the fireplace and chimney breast.
The other apartments are on two floors while an underground floor contains garages and cellars.

Location: Fabriano, Ancona
Client: Privato
Completion: 2008
Gross Floor Area: 350 m2
Construction Cost: 600.000 Euros
Architects: Lorenzo Rossi Architetto
Design Team: Pierfrancesco Zinelli, Verena Freudhofer

Structural: Ugo Franca
Safety Coordinator: Roberto Santini

Tiles: Erlus
Doors and Windows: Ponzio Sud
Marble: Gianomarmi
Flooring Base: CVR

Photo by Alessandro Ciampi

Lorenzo Rossi 
Lorenzo Rossi was born at Fabriano in 1969 and graduated in architecture from the Milan Polytechnic in 1994. From 1995 to 1997 he worked for the firm of Christoph Kohlbecker in Germany and then with Ruediger Lainer in Vienna until 2000. In that year and place he started up his own practice. The same year saw him working at the Polytechnic University of the Marche where he completed a research doctorate in 2008. He specializes in architectural and town-planning work for companies, private individuals and public authorities. His projects have included the Indesit company restaurant and office extensions, rebuilding a bridge at Fabriano, a wire-strutted structure for the Steyr music festival in Austria, and various refurbishing jobs in Fabriano, Vienna and the Czech Republic.
He has entered his projects for various architecture exhibitions: “Italian young architects’ projects” at the Milan Triennale, “Contemporary Architecture in the Marche” at the Mole Vanvitelliana, and the “Young Italian Architects Biennale 2008 – Rizoma”. For the Marche Architecture Prize 2008 he got a special mention, and a mention at Inarch Marche 2010-2011. In 2007 he came third in a competition to upgrade an urban area of Fabriano and in 2010 he carried off first prize in the Jesi 2010 Detailed Plan competition for via Appennini Bassa.
His projects have appeared in specialized reviews such as Domus, Interni and Progetti.

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