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Residential complex

Residential complex
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The residential complex designed by the firm of Treffer Othmar and now completed at Brunico in the Alto Adige stands in a splendid landscape dominated by the two peaks of Vedrette di Ries and Plan de Corones. Winters can be very cold, summers hot, in the Alps, so it was decided to treat the façade against surface weathering whilst ensuring an aesthetic outcome that blended with the environment and local building styles. These five Casaclima B-graded buildings are clad on the top half of the façade in Prefa aluminium shingles whose versatile parallelogram shape combines with the high-tech qualities of aluminium. Anthracite grey matches the overall architectural plan of the complex, while the regular strip windows alternate with sheet-metal clad expanses and glass inserts. Prefa shingles are quick for skilled workmen to mount and are guaranteed for forty years against breakage, rust and freezing. Prefa aluminium is the ideal product for Casaclima building since the metal is 100% recyclable, made from a 95% recyclable material, needs no maintenance and is guaranteed weatherproof. From the Prefa range of aluminium façade and roof systems, the aluminium strip Prefalz roof meets particularly stringent energy standards as it can blend with Prefalz Solar photovoltaic panelling.

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