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Residence in Prague

Atelier 111 architekti

Residence in Prague by Atelier 111 architekti | THE PLAN
By Atelier 111 architekti -

A narrow street, where the sleepy character of old Jinonice, in Prague, is still preserved, broadens out to create a tiny square with a well. It was dominated by an abandoned house, formed by gradual addition of masses, some of which overtopped the original one.

The complex of these small buildings, placed in the sloping garden, was in a very dilapidated uninhabitable state. The design by Atelier 111 architekti preserves only the oldest part made out of stones oriented towards the street and uses it as an entry to the main living floor in the two new masses. The tallest part is dedicated to the children. All of the living areas, including children’s bedrooms, have a direct connection to the sunlit sloping garden, which is shielded from the street by the mass of the house. 

The terraces are connected to the pool mass at two levels. Its concrete wall offers a shaded outdoor space adjoining the main living space, and the water level is accessible from children’s rooms. The old and the new part are visually unified by the color of the stucco plaster and by beaver tail ceramic tiles on the roof. Inside, tiles are designed in a uniform hexagonal shape.

The age of the individual parts is revealed by the detail, the original morphology is in a light contrast with the contemporary minimalist form. This is particularly evident for window openings. The main large one facing the street is frameless. The living space is open to the garden by the HS portal, which consists of two wings, solid one, which is frameless and a sliding wing made from oak wood.

Window openings of smaller dimensions are flush with the interior, where the oak frame of the window with minimalist details is displayed. The window frame is not visible from the outside, even though the window can be opened. This window position also allows the architects to work with the aesthetics of deep-seated windows. The roof openings again highlight the minimalist details. The color of the window frame and flashing is almost identical with the ceramic roof tiles.

The interior is dominated by wood, oak and spruce in their natural form. The preserved ground floor building mass, with the main entrance to the house, is stripped down to the original brick and complemented by a spiral staircase. Its white metal construction is lined with oak lining. The connecting corridor, through which the glazed ceiling can be perceived, is united by the oak floor with the remaining space.

The main living room’s soffit is composed of rafters that here become an important interior element. The kitchenette is designed in two materials - white lacquer and natural oak. Another significant element in the living space are the large glass hanging chandeliers. Working corners, overlooking the street, can be separated by a sliding wall of bleached spruce wood. The spruce wood is further transcribed through the interior in the wooden wall with the library and mainly in the children's room, which have their own lofts.

Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Completion: 2019
Usable Floor Area: 318 m2
Architect: Atelier 111 architekti
Principal Designers: Jiří Weinzettl, Barbora Weinzettlová, Veronika Indrová
Main Contractor: AMO

Structural Consultant: Michal Hamada

Photography: © BoysPlayNice, courtesy of Atelier 111 architekti

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