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Residence 1, Residence 2

Residence 1, Residence 2
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Laminam has participated in the project
The REsidence 1 and REsidence 2 office buildings designed by the Platinum Group form part of an upgrade scheme for the old part of Budapest. They stand in the area known as Kacsa Ganz, a few blocks away from the Danube, which was once occupied by industrial buildings that fell into disuse and were demolished. The two complexes, respectively seven and five storeys in height, are separated by a green area; they house offices of various sizes, user flexibility and adaptability being the watchwords.
Both buildings’ façades feature intersecting volumes and alternate glass and full surfaces. The latter are of ventilated curtainwalling clad in Laminam 3+ slabs (strengthened with glass fibre). These come from the collections Sketch, Metropolis and Collection which are available in various colours and a 1000x3000 mm format cut on site and fixed to the bearing structure of the walls. The architects enjoyed great freedom of expression in playing with the varying sense of depth and choosing different colours and textures. They could also guarantee to achieve the high standard of thermal insulation required by Budapest’s continental climate.
Laminam panels also line certain indoor spaces and portions of ceiling on the outside in which light points need to be set.
Being so light and manageable makes the product easy to work with on site, whether in moving, cutting, piercing or mounting operations. It also has properties of flexibility and hence resistance to mechanical stress, as well as weathering and resistance to acids. It is well-nigh totally non-absorbent and colour-fast even under UV ray exposure.
The REsidence 1 and REsidence 2 project ran the full performance gamut of Laminam panelling which was also chosen because its production technology meets the strictest environmental standards.

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