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Gruppo Ivas has participated in the project
Wilkinson Erye Architects originally worked with London’s Queen Mary University on the New Humanities Building. This time the company has regenerated and enlarged the maths department, creating a new entrance atrium and classrooms for students. Once again, the architects have opted for an iconic design, creating a distinctive edifice that draws on both the form and use of the building. Taking inspiration from the Penrose tiling mathematical model, the designers have created a design for the façade the really distinguishes the building, producing a visual illusion of movement and inviting passers-by to enter. From the outset, Wilkinson Erye worked with Aliva and Aliva UK to produce the shape of the glass-clad, ventilated façade. It was made using Ali-Glass invisible glass, which makes complex shapes and patterns possible with minimal structural elements. Ali-Glass is an aluminium alloy system that employs brackets and vertical and horizontal profiles. The glass panels are fastened using non-through holes and plugs that do not protrude from the glass panels. This ensures the fastening system is invisible from the outside. The design at Queen Mary University was created using layered, rhomboid-shaped glass. The 10 mm inner layer is in three colours (white, yellow, grey), while the outer, screen printed layer is 6 mm, with an interlayer in transparent SGP (1.52 mm). The rhombuses, in two different sizes, are placed at different angles, recreating the complex mathematical pattern. The screen printing on the interlayer also recreates this pattern, graphically mimicking the unity of Penrose’s model in the lower section. In addition to the ventilated façade, Aliva created the curtain wall in the entrance zones using made-to-measure structures and large-scale insulating glass placed a varying angles. The screen printing replicated the model, thus continuing and adding to the opaque ventilated façade.

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