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Celebrating Two Decades

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Quadro Headquarters
By Editorial Staff -
Quadrodesign has participated in the project

In 2021, to celebrate two decades since it was created, Quadro undertook a major restyling project for its corporate headquarters in San Maurizio d’Opaglio, on Lake Orta, to overhaul the existing interiors and exteriors to increase flexibility, comfort and work quality.

Quadro brings a dynamic, innovative design concept to its production of bathroom and kitchen faucets and fittings. And studio wok really captured the spirit of the company in its design, characterized by simple volumes, natural materials, warm neutral shades and noble materials.

The ground-floor offices were redone favoring a far more open layout in which the spaces are divided using a series of glazed walls and four birch-wood structures conceived to allow in plenty of natural light. Sliding doors are then used to separate the spaces internally.

Sede Quadro © Marcello Mariana, courtesy Quadro

The same floor has a room where people can eat and an informal relaxation zone designed to offer somewhere for more light-hearted meetings or breaks, for both employees and visitors.

The next floor has a large open-space design that doubles as the company showroom, meaning the products are the real defining element here. The layout was carefully designed to showcase all the firm’s products, but leaving a large degree of flexibility to be able to easily remodel the space. The walls are made of panels with a regular pattern of holes, forming a backdrop for the four central birch-wood tables that have interchangeable display panels. The essentialness of this organization works with the uniformity of material to forge a minimalist backdrop with exceptional details that exalt the shapes and materials of Quadro collections for bathrooms and kitchens. The ceiling-mounted lighting infrastructure adds further flexibility for each set-up.

Sede Quadro © Marcello Mariana, courtesy Quadro

Next to the showroom is a meeting room, which has large continuous windows on three sides to allow in abundant natural light. Birch-wood paneling under the windows emphasizes the effect, creating almost a sense that the room is a container for the large, black, practically sculpted meeting table in the middle. Vertical strip blinds are used to control the amount of light that comes in to ensure optimal conditions throughout the day.

The design merges architecture, light and interior design through a paradigm of the people who will work there and their needs. The upcoming reorganization of the external spaces and the new envelope for the entire building will add the crowning touches.


Via Bonetto, 40 – I – 28017 San Maurizio d’Opaglio (NO)
Tel. +39 0322 96266
E-mail: [email protected] - www.quadrodesign.it

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