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Production Plant and Office Block

Production Plant and Office Block
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AGC Flat Glass has participated in the project
The new production plant and linked office block, designed by Luisella Imbimbo and Guido Graziano, were developed by revamping and extending a 1970s prefab manufacturing plant and office block in Cherasco. Once the energy performance of the plant had been improved, radical renovation and extension work was done on the office block. The aim was to create a building that was a manifesto for the principles of modernity, respect for the environment, efficiency and transparency, since these are the company’s guiding principles. As such, these underlay the design choices made when selecting materials and organising spaces. The new volume envelopes the existing building with its curved lines and projects forward with a completely glazed facade screened by a large steel overhang. Inside, glass and metal are combined with wood, a natural material that provides warmth. The facade, divided into staggered sections by metal beams, was made using two AGC products - Stratobel Clearvision 55.1 and Stratobel Top 1.0 on Clearvision 55.1 - that were supplied and mounted by Vitrum & Glass. The glazed front ensures maximum natural light, but low thermal transfer. As such, visual communication between indoors and outdoors is maximised, while limiting energy dispersion. A metal entrance porch along the glazed facade leads into the triple height hall marked by the sculpture-like presence of a metal and glass staircase.

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