Process Sustainability, Customization and Industrialization
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Process Sustainability, Customization and Industrialization

Process Sustainability, Customization  and Industrialization
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In construction, and particularly in the commercial and industrial sectors, a general contractor is at the very heart of every aspect in any complex project, coordinating the processes and players that form one of the safest and most secure “ecosystems” of specialized skills in the market. 

For many years, GSE Italia has placed its expertise – from construction to financing, from applications for permits and authorization to legal matters – at the service of its clients, creating turnkey projects that are either customized to client needs or use the company’s own industrialized building systems. In both cases, GSE’s use of advanced digital modeling techniques, such as BIM, and the development of measurable solutions for cutting carbon dioxide during both the construction and occupancy phases of a property, are central to GSE playing a critical role in the development of highly innovative buildings. The quest for sustainability is at the heart of the company’s philosophy, as demonstrated by its membership of the Global Compact since 2003 and its Ecovadis Platinum certification first earned in 2021.

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As part of this effort, the company has drawn up a precise action plan that includes commitments and objectives to be achieved by 2025. The main criteria for this sustainable development strategy are the promotion of biodiversity, recycling, waste reduction and, above all, minimizing carbon emissions. In this sense, the depot built for Vailog-SEGRO in Orbassano, near Turin, Italy, is a concrete example of the company’s commitment to the environment, being one of the first in Europe – and the first in Italy in the logistics sector – to achieve Zero Carbon certification from the International Living Future Institute. On the other hand, where a customer’s brief is open to such solutions, the standardization of construction processes can further lower environmental impact by massively reducing the time, costs and resources used. Perhaps the best example of this is a parking garage system developed by the parent company Goldbeck (GSE has been part of this group since 2019). Called Multi Storey Car Parks, it uses standardized elements that can be combined in many different ways to create varied compositions, but the elements are produced in-house and designed to minimize weight, procurement time, assembly sequences and future maintenance requirements. The result is a virtuous example of building industrialization that combines functional flexibility and freedom of expression for architects and clients interested in a distinctive and extremely durable end product.

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Founded in 1967 in France, GSE now has several branches in Europe, including the Italian branch, which opened its doors in Milan in 1999. Since 2005, the company has had and consistently implemented a quality and safety plan that has enabled the company to achieve an accident frequency rate of 4, one of the lowest among large companies, and has reaffirmed its commitment to reducing risks on building sites through prevention and training across the supply chain.

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