Private Villa - Synua - Design in a Security Door
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Private Villa

Synua - Design in a Security Door

LSA Lauro Sacchetti Associati | Antonio Sassi

Private Villa - Synua - Design in a Security Door
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Oikos has participated in the project

Perhaps there is no better place for rediscovering the relationship binding design, nature and architecture than this private villa in Albinea, in the Reggio Emilia province of northern Italy, a wonderful land where rolling hills meet a sprawling plain. The design starts from revamping an old building that was very much part of the local building tradition, but then reinvents it, with some new additions in a contemporary and minimalist style. The project was led by Antonio Sassi, architect from Studio 
LSA - Lauro Sacchetti Associati, a practice that prides itself on integrated design, resilience and environmental sustainability. 
The creative process was driven by the architects exploring the contrast between solids and voids. On the southern elevation, sweeping windows highlight the full-height pillars and the corner porch, creating a harmonious interplay with the external house walls. 
This balanced approach to opaque 
and see-through surfaces is vital to 
allowing plenty of natural light into the ground-floor rooms that lead directly - visually or physically - onto the outdoor spaces. At the same time, despite this transparency and the closeness of the surrounding nature, the interior of the villa remains fundamentally a private sphere, hidden from prying eyes. 
The essential nature of the landscape is mirrored in the interior design, with minimalism in a contemporary veil the dominant stylistic element. In keeping with such an approach, black and white are the main colors, both for surfaces and architectonic features, with little room for other shades and nuances. This is the context in which the Synua security door from Oikos becomes the key feature in the entire design, an aspect highlighted by the choice of red. 
This door is, of course, far more than an aesthetic feature as it provides security in a perfect blend of technology and design. The door pivots vertically - i.e. using two adjustable, concealed pins - meaning the opening and closing mechanism allows the door leaf to rotate around to maximize the opening. 
Similarly, the pivot mechanism makes it possible for the door to be flush with the wall, adding elegance in an essential aesthetic. Synua is now also available in a special heat barrier frame-and-leaf version that provides even better thermal performance without compromising on security. 

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