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Respect, Optimization and Excellence in Energy Efficiency

Studio Zanini&Reginato Architettura

Private Villa Studio Zanini e Reginato Architettura
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Schüco has participated in the project

Designed by the Zanini & Reginato Architettura practice, this villa in the Veneto region of northern Italy was actually built over a previous unfinished construction. Despite the obvious limitations of working with an existing building in an already advanced stage of development, major changes were introduced to the architectural project, with the entire southern side being re-conceived to create a gym & spa, and an outdoor pool.

The new villa brings a contemporary vision to the existing structure, but without completely forgetting about the local architectural style. This required a careful selection of materials, products and façade details, and exploiting the garden to develop delightful views from inside.

The entire project is very much a customized design. For example, all the finishings and furniture were made to measure, with local artisans producing each piece much in the way a tailor once made garments, especially the attention to detail. In a similar fashion, the architects painstakingly chose all the materials, overseeing all the work directly. This was also key to optimizing the energy performance of the various installations and the building envelope. The finished villa is in energy class A4 because of a plethora of aspects, such as the wall insulation using high-density polyurethane panels, the roof insulation with wood-fiber panels, the creation of a heating system that uses a heat pump and a forced ventilation system with in-built heat recovery. The roof of the main house and the canopy also have photovoltaic installations that are linked up to batteries to store power.

Undoubtedly, one of the key steps on the road to achieving such an impressive energy class was the decision to install Schüco’s aluminum doors and windows with triple glazing and a double vacuum chamber. The use of sliding doors was natural with such extensive glazed sections, ensuring optimal transparency to maximize natural light and consequently boost living comfort.

Schüco ASE 77 PD aluminum sliding doors were used for the living areas despite having to be 5 m long, and proved to fit seamlessly into the design, especially because of the concealed profiles. There are also Schüco ASE 67 PD aluminum sliding doors, which have a minimalist, refined look that exudes design and comfort in a highly practical solution. Structurally, these doors occupy remarkably little space, with a central section of only 31 mm, but from inside they are visually like elements of design furniture, adding a truly distinctive look without compromising in the slightest on heat and sound insulation.

Last, but not least, the Schüco AWS 75 BS.HI aluminum windows, with a concealed vent, were chosen specifically because the minimalist style of these windows integrates so perfectly into a building design.

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