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Private Villa

Project A.01 architects

Private Villa. Rieder Smart Elements. Project A.01 Architects
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Rieder Smart Elements has participated in the project

Designed by project A.01 architects, this summer residence in Pörtschach, Austria, is located by the Wörthersee Lake and it merges perfectly with the surrounding landscape. Access to the house is via a limestone pathway that reaches down to the water and morphs into steps down to a small private pier. The essential, linear lines of the residence recall a boat. Structurally, it consists of two blocks joined by a roof made of fibreC panels. The rear section houses a garage and a small apartment for guests, whilst the front section is the main house, across two floors. The ground floor has sections in stone and masonry and a glazed façade overlooking the lake, a module that is repeated on the upper floor. From the entrance, at the back, one reaches the kitchen and the living area, with delightful lake views. Two staircases - one inside and the other outside - lead to the first floor, where the bedrooms are surrounded by a panoramic terrace where the interior sections have wood panelling that picks up the boat motif. The roof, soffits and façade have fibreC panels, a “second skin” that improves heat and sound insulation. The link between the purity of the material and the essential geometrical lines gives the house a sense of dynamism. The overhang of the flattened corners on the upper section of the façade reveals the sculpted nature of the panelling, which continues seamlessly across the roof, only interrupted by the solar panels and the skylight between the two buildings. 

The fibreC panels can be completely recycled. They are fire-resistant yet light and flexible like glass, while also being durable and shapeable like concrete. The combination of these properties produces an ecological, versatile and long-lasting building. 

The panels are available in three standard formats (2,500x1,200, 3,600x1,200 and 3,100x1,200 mm) and are 13 mm thick. Three surface finishings are available (polished, semi-polished and opaque) and twelve colours, all from 100% natural pigments. 

The summer residence at Wörthersee is further proof of Rieder’s commitment to working with designers and architects to produce innovative projects that meet the changing needs of clients. 


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