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Private Villa

Minimalist Esthetics Embracing the Landscape

MIDE architetti

Private Villa
By Editorial Staff -
Isoplam has participated in the project

This villa designed by MIDE Architetti in Strà, on the Brenta Riviera between Padua and Venice, is a simple, minimalist volume that nestles gently in this landscape, using extensive windows and glazed walls to create visual and spatial continuity between the home and the garden.

The single-floor building is arranged according to functional areas, using a mixture of glass and exposed concrete, with the latter favored particularly on the street-facing side to provide a more enclosed, intimate feel. On the south-west side, a large portico extends the living area out towards the garden, creating a sizeable, sheltered section characterized by the pattern of the walls that frame the view towards the countryside.   

Concrete, glass and wood (inside) are the central materials for this design, helping foster a sense of uniformity across the structure. On the exterior, concrete is evidently the dominant material, but inside it is also used for the flooring to exalt the sense of fluidity between indoors and outdoors. These floors are made with Pavilux Overlay by Isoplam, with a brushed effect, as this formulation is specifically designed for thin floors (1 to 2.25 cm). The product is a cement-based fiber reinforced mix that can be used for interiors or exteriors, particular because it is highly resistant to abrasion, scratching, high footfall and compression. In this case, the Silver hue was chosen, turning the floor into one of the defining features of this villa characterized by a style of architecture that celebrates pure, essential lines.

Via Enrico Mattei, 4 - I - 31010 Maser (TV)
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