Private Villa: In harmony with the landscape
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Private Villa: In harmony with the landscape

Gianfranco Sangalli Architetti

Private Villa: In harmony with the landscape
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Schüco has participated in the project

The western shores of Lake Garda in northern Italy are surrounded by terraced hills where vines and olives are grown. This is the setting for a villa, designed by Gianfranco Sangalli, that seeks a symbiotic relationship with the surrounds, in which not only is the structure respectfully located on the tree-covered slopes, but nature is actually welcomed into the home. The house has two floors and a basement level, with each floor facing south, looking across the garden, the pool and, in the distance, the stunning lake landscape. It is a minimally invasive building, centered on balance and connections. The structure uses the slope of the land, as it gently falls away toward the garden and the pool. Solids and voids are carefully used, while the terraces and porticos spread across the two perpendicular sides, creating intimacy and privacy for the garden and turning it into a small patio off which the living and sleeping areas lie. The extensive glazing was done using Schüco aluminum products, forging visual and spatial continuity between inside and outside, such that the garden and home never really have clear boundaries. The south-facing façade has a clear rationalist imprint in which uniformity characterizes the glazing that leads onto a patio, on the ground floor, and a terrace on the upper floor that doubles as the roof for the patio, forming a portico. The lines that define the portico are reproduced, but on a grander scale, for the whole house, with the flat roof intersecting a vertical dividing wall on the eastern side. The full-height glazing in the living areas was created with Schüco ASS 70 HI (High Insulation) aluminum sliding doors, which have a minimal profile to maximize the see-through space and light, providing excellent thermal and acoustic performance without compromising security. In addition to the sliding doors, Schüco FWS 50 aluminum façade solutions were selected, in combination with the Schüco ADS 75 door, for the glazing around the entrance. Schüco AWS 75 BS aluminum windows were also used, partly because their frame is invisible from the outside. Solids and voids are used to create balance, exalting the lightness of the glazing and emphasizing the materials used for the dividing walls and stone sections. The result: a harmonious villa that adds to the beauty of the landscape.


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