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Contemporary Elegance in the Details

Elena Sorti

Private Villa Elena Sorti
By Editorial Staff -

This building is a classic type of construction found on the Pianura Padana great plain that runs across northern Italy: a large farmhouse that, in the past, would have been the beating heart of an extensive farm. Over time, many such buildings fell into disuse, but they are increasingly the subject of exciting new projects to transform and upgrade them. In this case, Elena Sorti was in charge of the interior design for a project to restore an old farmhouse in the countryside near Reggio Emilia. The focus was to deliberately transform the original structure into an elegant residence without losing its historical identity. The designer worked closely with the clients to find solutions that drew on the types of materials used in the local building tradition, but with contemporary additions and improvements. Every single detail on both the structural and furnishing sides was carefully planned to ensure the desired timeless elegance was achieved. As part of this overarching goal, the decision was made to use cover plates, switches and sockets from Vimar’s Arké collection as they provide contemporary technological solutions, but integrate into the design and style of the environment, rather than standing out. The choice of Metal - a warm color with a metal effect - was a perfect fit with the shades and furnishings chosen by the designer. Arké Metal combines design with technological innovation using simple, elegant finishes to underscore the uniqueness of this line. The warm hues of the buttons help produce the same effect as metallic elements, merging with the room to produce a style that is both rustic and contemporary at the same time.

Arké switches come in 54 finishes in three different materials, providing a solution for practically any requirement. In addition to Metal, one can choose from matt champagne, dark bronze, brushed brass and brushed copper. The choice of the video door entry system was also carefully weighed, seeking a solution where the details conveyed the desired stylistic solution. To increase security, four Vimar TAB 7 video door entry units were installed so the owners could see who was outside before they reached the front door. This solution has the added bonus of allowing calls between different rooms in the building.

The distance between the main entrance and the gate at the edge of the garden made it necessary to use Elvox video door entry technology. The use of a special external Pixel Heavy video door entrance panel, with minimal lines and rounded corners, provides a direct HD link between the gate and the house, adding to security. The die-cast aluminum frame and Zamak front modules for this panel make it extremely resistant and give it protection ratings of IK10 and IP54.

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