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Private Villa

Panoramic Views through Ample Windows

AMDB Architetti

Private Villa
By Editorial Staff -
PB Finestre has participated in the project

Designed by AMDB Architetti, this villa sits on a steep hillside in the famed Tuscan countryside and intentionally creates a strong connection between the indoor and outdoor environments. To achieve this result, the Florence-based practice focused on dematerializing the façades, creating expansive views over the hilly landscape, and even building a volume that extends into the void, adding a sense of lightness and the illusion that the building is one with the surrounds. 

The two-story house blends discreetly into the landscape, nestling on the hillside and following its slope. The design uses natural materials such as wood and stone, while the choice of neutral colors derived from nature itself is one of the ways in which the structure blends into the landscape. 

PBFINESTRE Pietro Savorelli, courtesy AMDB Architetti

The villa has a clearly outward-looking design, with numerous panoramic views; glass doors and windows are a key element in achieving this. In this case, PBFinestre’s products were chosen because they are genuine furnishing elements, with both lift & slide and flush windows, in a minimal and clean esthetic that fits perfectly with contemporary architectural trends. 

In this project, two lift & side windows – one built into a wall and the other a corner structure – were used to create expansive glazed surfaces that almost produce the illusion of being outside. The Flat range was chosen, in a sliding corner option made of laminated pine with a 9001 enamel coating, as it maximizes the view of the landscape by taking advantage of very thin, recessed profiles with essential lines. The strong, durable glue laminated timber blends perfectly with the villa’s interior, much of which is in an industrial style and custom-made. Flat was also chosen for the flush windows. Here, the structure is also recessed and the 60 mm profiles blend discreetly into the context of the home, allowing plenty of natural light and offering a load capacity of up to 150 kg. The architects used these solutions to transform the house into a place of openness, where the view does not end where a material element begins, and where light can freely enter through the large windows made by PBFinestre, a company with over 50 years of experience in the production of windows and doors that has always prioritized flexibility, sustainability and design in its products. 

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