Private residence Saratoga Rolling Hills Estate
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Private residence Saratoga Rolling Hills Estate

Private residence Saratoga Rolling Hills Estate
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Cupertino, in the heart of Silicon Valley at the southern edge of San Francisco Bay, is a diverse and hilly landscape that has inspired the creation of a luxury villa with various elements that combine to make a modern ensemble with essential, sculpted lines. The Saratoga Rolling Hills Estate, designed by architect Louie Leu, is an L-shaped construction at the summit of a hill. The main building, extending for about 1,115 sq m, is flanked by a smaller outbuilding (115 sq m)
and a pool house overlooking the infinity pool that, along with a roof terrace, was designed as a spot for admiring the landscape. The choice of materials and colors reinforces this connection between the buildings and nature, which is further exalted through the lush vegetation - another way in which the structure is integrated into the surrounds - and through the reflections of the colors of nature in the pool and the glazing.  Another notable feature of the villa is the Synua pivot opening door by Oikos Venezia, an ideal solution for combining excellent performance and personalization. In this case, the architect went for a largely uniform color solution to blend into the building’s envelope (although all Oikos Venezia safety doors offer the option of having different materials and colors for the interior and exterior sides). Louie Leu’s choice was a nine-sector version, with one steel section for the horizontal door handle and the other eight sections in stoneware tiles with a rusted Cor-ten look to recall the metal panels used to cover sections of the walls (the other sections of the walls are left as exposed brickwork).  Similarly, to recall the glazing that is used fairly extensively in the living area, the safety door is flanked by two sections of glazing, which also allow natural light to flow into the entrance area. 

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Read the online PDF of the article
Read the online PDF of the article
Read the online PDF of the article
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