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Private Residence

An efficient and safe house

Aldo Gialleonardo

Private Residence
By Editorial Staff -
Vimar has participated in the project

Vimar’s By-me home automation system combines design and technology to make houses secure, comfortable and energy efficient. In residential projects, the By-me system offers homeowners a solution to use the best options to manage the whole house.

This was precisely the reason for adopting the system in the central Italian region of Marche for a delightful villa with a lovely sea view. For the owners, having a single control point - a multimedia video touchscreen in the living area - was a key benefit of Vimar technology. From this one screen, all aspects of the house - comfort, energy, temperature, lighting, curtains and screens - can be handled, along with monitoring outdoor areas using CCTV cameras. The control panel also acts as a video intercom, through the Pixel plate, providing a perfect image of anyone outside - another security feature. The By-alarm home security system is at the heart of the security for the villa. It is operated using an app on a smartphone or tablet, so the owners can check on their house from pretty much anywhere in the world.

Since Vimar technology is interconnected with multiple key elements in the house, even the lights and temperature in each room can be controlled centrally.

Plus, accurate electricity, gas and water readings can be monitored, once again on the video touchscreen, and then this precise data can be used to draw up an accurate energy profile for the house to determine how habits can be altered to limit waste. This effectively means the homeowners can realistically regulate their energy use, thus optimizing utilities without actually giving up on anything. Home automation also makes it possible to control consumption levels, cutting the risk of power cuts due to exceeding allowed power thresholds, and to smartly manage photovoltaic systems, where installed.

For this villa in the Marche, not only did the owners go for By-me, but they also chose other products such as Eikon Tactil, Eikon Evo and Arké that really add those finishing touches to the project by creating the perfect mix between design and advanced technology.


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