PRIVATE HOME colors and materials in the value of a restoration work
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PRIVATE HOME colors and materials in the value of a restoration work


PRIVATE HOME colors and materials in the value of a restoration work
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Oikos colore e materia per l'architettura has participated in the project

This elegant home in Rome, an example of early 20th-century architecture, has been improved and restored to exalt the architecture and finishes, in a merger of beauty and contemporary comfort. Great emphasis was placed on using environmentally friendly materials, making Oikos a natural option as the company has long focused on sustainability. The home has an impressive view of the city and consists of a ground floor for hosting receptions, two floors with private apartments, a service floor and a small tower. It also has gardens and terraces, for a total of 1,200 sq m of indoor space, and 2,000 sq m outdoors. The design by Valerio Camerini, from the Disegnocostruzioni architecture practice, sought a balance between historical and contemporary. This meant making optimal use of the existing architectural structure and the materials typical of the Roman building tradition (e.g. travertine and face bricks), while also adopting innovative, functional solutions for the installations and furnishings. The two sides of this project can clearly be seen in the choice of materials for the external façades and the interior surfaces, where the designer turned to Oikos and its large range of solutions. This made it possible to maintain the style and rigor of the architecture, while also interpreting the spaces individually to create the ideal combination of aesthetics, colors and light. Outside, Oikos's Roman travertine effect produced the desired elegant look in a thin coating by reusing marble powders. The finished look is very impressive and picks up the wonderful marble slabs used for the floor. The inside, with its parquet floors, is predominately white, but in a series of different effects. In the entrance hall, a hemp weave effect is used, leading into the main hall where the "elephant skin" effect is used to exalt the space and complement the plaster ceiling that is from the early 20th century. In the same room, an eco-sustainable enamel coating was used to restore the skirting board. In the other rooms, veining is used to embellish the decorations, while in the connecting spaces, an opaque wall enamel was selected to create a refined look that still offers excellent performance. The close partnership with the company was essential in allowing the architects and designers to produce the customized solutions that made this project a success. The harmonious result of the entire building is a wonderful example of how the interaction between shape, light and material - fundamental in how Oikos represents and reinterprets material - can truly draw out the best in a design from any age, exalting the balance between aesthetics and function.


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