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By Editorial Staff -
CEA Design has participated in the project
Francesco Nicita’s very measured design for this late 19th-century mansion north of Ragusa restores old spaces and functions by combining refurbishment work with new building. The design uses new materials and functions with great awareness of the traditional architecture and surrounding farming landscape. An old barn storage building has been restored and “twinned” with a new build that copies the hues and shapes of the traditional structure, but in a contemporary language. The combination of these elements is what creates the new double-storey house.
The external area is also interesting, offering an intimate yet open space with old and new walls and a layout comprised of lawn, stone paving, a pool and a fountain.
The external work also included two outbuildings: one steel and glass construction and one brick structure. These form, along with the wall around the Italian-style garden and the other new walls, the new border for the entire complex. Inside, the juxtaposition of materials is also measured, creating contrasts between contemporary and past, simplicity and elegance, and tradition and technology.
The kitchen and bathrooms convey a sense of warmth and protection without forgoing modernity. It is in these rooms that CEA taps from the Neutra, Switch, Milo360 and Free Ideas collections are used in combination with the Hydroplate range of retractable toilet accessories.

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