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Roberta Rojas

By Editorial Staff -
Listone Giordano has participated in the project

Roberta Rojas, working with interior designer Paola Aboumrad, has designed the ideal country house in the Mexican region of Valle de Bravo for short holidays and weekend getaways. The brief was to build a house where the whole family could gather in a setting that merged traditional Mexican ranch style with a contemporary feel. The house also had to have expansive views of the spectacular surroundings, but sit naturally in the landscape. The unique location and the absence of size restraints - aside from those imposed by the vegetation - gave Roberta Rojas the idea of designing the house as an enormous, open-plan terrace, with a central family area surrounded by four private spaces (chalets). The latter were rotated 120 degrees to add dynamism and movement to the design, while also forming numerous “micro environments” where the views could be maximized. This choice also helps to reduce the visual impact of the house, hiding sections among the trees and creating a harmonious relationship between the landscape and the built environment such that the home becomes less obtrusive. Glazing is used plentifully, but this does not detract from the warm, cozy feel inside achieved through custom furnishings that celebrate Mexican colors and culture in combination with Listone Giordano’s elegant Mareggiata Cefalù 1131 parquet flooring. Paola Aboumrad, the interior designer, opted for this product not only because of its technical properties, but also because the crafting truly draws out the natural feel of the wood. The French durmast panels for the flooring were each made individually using a non-invasive treatment that exalts the natural veins and properties of this wood. The entire collection was inspired by the look and feel of driftwood collected from a beach, shortly after being washed in by the tide. Each piece has to be unique and tell its own story of how it was “crafted” by the wind and time. This parquet combines elegantly with the wood used for the paneling and the sections of stone, enhancing the homely feel created by the warm colors of the furniture and the hanging fireplace. The Mareggiata Cefalù 1131 flooring was installed with the advice and technical support from Listone Giordano’s partner in Mexico City, Grupo Jager.


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