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Private Chapel
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Rheinzink has participated in the project
Pininfarina Extra has designed a private chapel at Riardo (Caserta province) in a park encompassing hilly woodland. The design draws inspiration from the surrounding landscape, with the building curving gently up from the main entrance to the vertical campanile. A tree-lined drive leads up to the main entrance, on the west side. On the opposite of the elliptical-shaped chapel, at the foot of the campanile, stands another entrance symbolically protected by an oak tree. Integrating the structure into nature was one of the essential elements. For example, glazing follows the contour of the roof to allow in natural light. Further glazing, along the base, allows the light reflected off the water surrounding the outer perimeter to filter into the building. The choice of materials was also carefully overseen. Inside, Tivoli travertine, wood and Corten were selected, while outside, Rheinzink zinc-titanium panels were favoured to completely clad the chapel, highlighting the curvature. The panels were installed using double lock standing seams to accentuate the upward flow of the building. Two supplementary horizontal joints were added to counteract any downward slipping due to gravity or heat deformation. The exterior cladding runs up to the glazed section in the roof. The point from which one views this building significantly changes the focal point from the sinuous profile, to the towering campanile and to the large, glazed section of roofing. These are, though, all different aspects that integrate harmoniously to create this chapel.

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