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Emotion in color

Private apartment
By Editorial Staff -
Fassa Bortolo has participated in the project

Wassily Kandinsky believed that “color is a power which directly influences the soul”, able to create emotions. This notion was at the heart of the refurbishment of this apartment, part of a 1980s complex in the Treviso province near Venice. Color plays an essential role, especially in combination with the different materials. The owner sought a far younger, more modern feel, touched by a sense of welcoming elegance. Fassa Bortolo was chosen as the exclusive product supplier for this project in which the bathrooms were completely redone, while the remaining environments were maintained structurally, but given a new lick of life through the colors on the walls and the finishings. Initially, the walls were thoroughly cleaned and sanded to remove all traces of the old coating, before being plastered with a filler that leaves an especially silky touch. This velvety nature was then exalted by using water-based paints with a smooth, opaque effect. Special care was taken with the kitchen and bathrooms, where a breathable water-based paint with a protective film against mold was used. In both these environments, a warm, cream color was selected to provide a discreet, neutral background that would highlight the white furniture in the living area and the black units in the kitchen. Light hues were also the order of the day for the three bedrooms, although in each case one wall was painted in a much stronger color - acid green, anthracite, deep blue - for effect. In the two bathrooms, the cladding and flooring were redone, including the substrate (lighter and more insulated) and the screed (a functional cementitious solution) to produce an optimal base for the new floor.

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