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Powerhouse Company: Level Up Architecture

Powerhouse Company

The Architects Series - A documentary on: Powerhouse Company” is the 18th exhibition format event arranged by THE PLAN magazine for Iris Ceramica Group, followed by the lecture entitled ‘Level Up Architecture’ given by the founder of Powerhouse Company, Nanne de Ru.

Powerhouse Company is an international architecture firm based in Rotterdam, founded in 2005 by Nanne de Ru and Charles Bessard. With satellite offices in Oslo, Beijing (China) and Monaco (Germany) and a team of around 100 professionals, the firm is still led by Nanne de Ru together with Paul Stavert, Stijn Kemper, Stefan Prins, Sander Apperlo and Johanne Borthne. Over the years, Powerhouse Company has established itself globally as a dynamic and multidisciplinary organization, with projects completed in many countries - Denmark, Netherlands, France, Germany, France, Cyprus and China -, receiving major awards and prizes, including the Rotterdam Maaskant Prize for Young Architects in 2011, the Dutch Design Award in 2008 and the NAi/AM Award in 2008.

The firm has always worked on a wide range of projects: from public structures like railway stations and schools, to workspaces, condominiums and private residences.

Among the most interesting references is the recent Loop of Wisdom project, the technological museum and information center of a new district of Chengdu (China), which has become an iconic structure thanks to a long red walkway that follows the contours of the whole site and is free to use for all its inhabitants.


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