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By Redazione The Plan -

PED© - Parametric Environmental Design is an integrated parametric and algorithm-based approach to creating a nearly Zero Energy Building (nZEB). For years, architects Enrico Di Munno and Valentina Temporin have been working on this topic, coordinating a multi-disciplinary team of professionals and teachers. And now, this has led to the creation of PoPlab. In 2015, it became possible to create PoPlab, an innovative social startup, on the back of winning funding from the Veneto Regional Government for digital fabrication laboratories and the support of Confindustria (Venice and Rovigo metropolitan area division).
The 500 sq m premises is part of the Cen.Ser. Rovigo research and innovation hub, in one of the revamped halls that used to form part of the city’s old sugar mill.  

PoPlab has a number of computer numerical control (CNC) machines for architectural prototyping, largely because of the partnership with Assindustria Servizi, founding member, and t2i (technology and innovation transfer), a certified incubator and research center. PoPlab provides design, prototyping, advanced training and R&D for companies, including the entire architectural production and design cycle, from the original project to fabrication and assembly. Its focal point is normally material analysis and research. 




PoPlab has designed and coordinated numerous postgraduate training courses for engineers and architects, including an advanced course in Sustainable Construction Processes, organized by IUAV University in Venice in cooperation with Confindustria Belluno Dolomiti, and multiple construction workshops in partnership with leading companies in the architecture supply chain. 

Leveraging this education experience, PoPlab now offers “architectural workouts”, that is, intensive, innovative workshops organized in cooperation with leading companies in architecture industries and run by teachers and industry professionals. 


PEDW016 - Parametric Environmental Design Workout is a crossover course involving digital, fabrication, construction and electronic elements as part of a complete process to produce a component or casing, from concept to a functioning prototype.  The project development process is based on using algorithms in combination with energy modelling, environmental rating and fabrication using CNC machines. Each course model deals with a specific project element, using a chosen material and a CNC machine. Time is also spent on the interoperability of different parametric software programs.  


Modules can be stand alone or part of packets, ensuring students get the ideal course for their background, targets and availability. Students who do all the modules as part of a complete course (the advanced course) can apply for bursaries and international apprenticeships. 


Enrolment has begun for 2016/2017. Contact PopLab directly
([email protected]) to find out about the different ways to enroll.



Performances Oriented Prototyping Fabrication Laboratory

Polo Ricerca e Innovazione Cen.Ser. Rovigo

Padiglione A - Ingresso da Padiglione C - Mezzanino

Viale Porta Adige, 45 - I - 45100 Rovigo

E-mail: [email protected] - www.poplab.cc

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