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Polins - a pole of strategic innovation

Polins - a pole of strategic innovation
By Editorial Staff -
Marazzi, Holzbau have participated in the project
Polins, meaning a Pole for Strategic Innovation, is a multi-purpose building designed by Marco Acerbis and recently gracing Eastgate Park, an mixed logistic, industrial and artisan estate at Portogruaro in the province of Venice. This new building stems from collaboration by the Portogruaro town hall and the Portogruaro Campus authority (Ca’ Foscari University, Venice). The Polins brief is to develop new business models by liaison among the university, consultancy and entrepreneurial worlds. Shut in on three sides, Polins opens southwards with a mainly glazed façade which is designed to maximize passive sunlight in winter-time. Brise soleil units fitted with photovoltaic panels play down the glare in summer.
On the east and west elevations the building blends perfectly into the natural setting by its great structural arches in laminar deal by Holzbau, seemingly emerging from the grassy hillside and spanning to the opposite side. The elevations are framed within these wood beam profiles, timber textures mingling with a metal roof and the black ventilated façade provided by Marazzi Engineering. The lining of this last is in Marazzi Tecnica SystemA crystallised stoneware slabs which protect the perimeter walls from the elements whilst enabling air to circulate and thus increase the thermal performance of the whole structure.
Inside is a 150-seater lecture hall, a meeting room and offices various. The spatial layout builds in versatility of purpose to the main rooms. The lecture hall was also carefully designed to maximize wall and ceiling absorption of sound. This is helped by a central false ceiling of pierced anodized aluminium panelling, hollow inside to absorb the sound waves. The panels are arranged so as both to hide the technical ducts and let in light from the skylights in the roof.
The interior design is completed by furnishings and light fittings designed by Acerbis himself, imparting a sense of harmony and finish throughout. Use of natural materials, along with renewable energy sources such as photovoltaic and geothermal, helped win the building a CasaClima category A+.

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