Podium: a new, highly sustainable residential development
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Podium: a new, highly sustainable residential development


Podium: a new, highly sustainable residential development
By Editorial Staff -
Isoplam has participated in the project

Set against the backdrop of the sea, lagoon, and pine forest of Jesolo, in the province of Venice, the raised architecture of the Podium housing complex was part of a far-reaching urban redevelopment scheme intended to support the sustainable growth of the city. This striking building, designed by ELASTICOFarm for its client Numeria SGR, stands out for its irregular, light volumes. Instead of a more traditional design, the architects opted to break up the front façade so as to optimize the orientation of the living areas on the southwestern side of the building and take advantage of natural ventilation. The arrangement of the floors over tilted columns and gardens is a deliberate reference to the vineyards in the Basso Piave area.

There’s a clear separation between the different functions of the building, with the ground-level floor entirely occupied by retail outlets, while a wide staircase leads to an intermediate floor where common areas, a swimming pool, and solarium are located. The eight upper floors, supported on columns, are reserved for apartments. The focus on achieving environmental sustainability translated into a series of technical choices aimed at maximizing energy savings and reducing emissions. They include the use of insulating materials and high-thermal performance windows, the installation of high-efficiency services with low energy consumption, and the use of renewable energy sources through the use of heat pumps and photovoltaic panels. A fusion of aesthetics and functionality, close attention to detail is evident in the less visible parts of the structure, too. The building has parking at basement level (mainly intended for residents, with basements and storage facilities accessed via a dedicated ramp) as well as a loading zone used by the retailers. Another of the more hidden sections of the building is the roof, where the photovoltaic system is located.

Among the key elements of the project was the choice of finishes, with their deliberate references to the colors of the nearby lagoon and pine forest. The cladding of the residential section, for example, consists of white ceramic tiles, which give a brightness to the entire façade while reflecting the colors of the sea. Responding to the green philosophy that underpins the project, significant results were achieved in terms of practicality and durability through the use of Pavilux Crystalquarz, a concrete surfacing product made by Isoplam using a mixture of pure German quartz and Portland cement. Applied in the characteristic shade of Cemento to all the underground and rooftop areas – an area of some 32,300 square feet (3000 m2) – Pavilux Crystalquarz was also used on the access ramp to the complex in a herringbone pattern, further increasing the product’s anti-slip properties (and therefore the grip of tires in wet or icy conditions) while improving water runoff and the strength of the structure itself. With a high concentration of siliceous aggregates, Pavilux Crystalquarz makes it possible to construct floors with high mechanical resistance, further aided by the reduced water/cement ratio stemming from the applicating method of dusting the product over fresh concrete. This surface hardener enhances performance and durability, reducing the formation of dust and the penetration of oil and grease, and simplifying cleaning and maintenance – a particularly useful property in car parks. It also renders surfaces highly resistant to atmospheric agents, freezing, thawing, and UV rays, therefore making it suitable for areas particularly exposed to the elements, such as rooftops and terraces.

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Location: Jesolo, VE
Year: 2021
Client: Numeria SGR
Total Area:
- Lot area: 4.500 metri quadrati
- Residetial: 3.380 metri quadrati - superficie commerciale: 1.600 metri quadrati
- Amenities: 2.000 metri quadrati
- Public: 480 metri quadrati
- Numer of apartments: 47

Project by: ELASTICOFarm con bplan studio
Design Team: Stefano Pujatti, Alberto Del Maschio, Marco Bottosso, Valeria Brero, Daniele Almondo, Serena Nano, Andrea Rosada, Boris Cibin

Floor Finishing: Pavilux Crystalquarz Isoplam, Cemento

Photography: ©Impresa CEV, Courtesy Isoplam

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