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Piquadro Headquarter
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Pre Metal has participated in the project
Designed by Karim Azzabi Architects for Piquadro, market leaders in the luxury leather goods sector, the new Piquadro head office nestles in the Apennines in Emilia Romagna.
The complex has an articulated structure, conceived of as a modular system consisting of identical modules laid side by side lengthwise, with each one rotated through 180º in relation to the adjacent module. This arrangement allows the client to simply add more modules to the complex as and when more office or storage space is required. The project idea is to treat the building as a design object, characterised by serial modularity and flexibility. These characteristics allow a great deal of freedom in the lay out of the interiors, from the first of the modules, which contains the offices and is completely glass fronted, to the rest of the modules which are used as warehouses. The offices are open plan and overlook the surrounding greenery, creating a very comfortable working environment. This effect is enhanced by the use of glass and wood, and the flexibility offered by the open plan offices.
One of the most innovative aspects of the project was the decision not to use concrete for the structure, but to use instead prefabricated steel structures mounted in situ. The final project for the building, which from the outside resembles four huge metallic caterpillar tracks, was created by gruppo pre metal. In addition to the design of the buildings, the company was responsible for all of the production and assembly of the modules, and the site planning. The methodology they developed allowed them to produce all the elements in the factory, mark them automatically and mount them precisely, allowing on site assembly and resulting in a significant reduction in construction time.
The form of the exterior of the complex successfully conveys the image of a caterpillar track, as desired by the designer and the client. To reinforce this image of the caterpillar track, with the continuous band connecting the wheels, the opaque outer casing of each module forms a continuous ribbon with a homogeneous surface both inside and out, only broken by the horizontal lines of the windows, which frame the surrounding scenery in an uninterrupted strip of images.
Each module consists of a steel structure attached to an outer shell made of corrugated sheets of pre-painted galvanized steel, laminated together. The whole of the façade is made of glass and was created using the Schüco FW50+ modular system. The façade is double glazed, with an outer layer of tempered AGC Stopray glass and an inner layer of laminated glass.
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