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?Pietro Barilla Children’s Hospital?

?Pietro Barilla Children’s Hospital?
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Cotto d'Este has participated in the project
The new children’s hospital in Parma is the first building in a larger complex dedicated to maternal and children’s care. It was the result of a design collaboration between Policreo with OBR. The underlying idea is for these healthcare structures to offer care where the doctor and patient work together using a gradual approach in a facility with a human feel. The hospital has to be both functional and efficient, but also provide a comfortable setting that is spacious, well-lit, colourful with pleasant sound and easy to find your way around. It is also important to combine private areas with more communal spaces. The design required detailed multi-disciplinary studies to ensure each area had the right lighting, sound characteristics, colour combinations and materials. This included choosing some Cotto d’Este ceramic tiles because of their technical and aesthetic versatility. The corridors and hallways see plenty of movement, so 14 mm thick porcelain stoneware tiles were chosen. Kerlite ultrathin porcelain stoneware was used in the bathrooms as they offer a very hygienic solution due to the minimization of grouting and joints. The same tiles were used in the raised walkway between the public area and the clinical sections. The latter choice also fitted well with the 14 mm thick floor tiles used. The architectural design was then complemented through integrated interior furnishing design focused on providing an aesthetically appealing, comfortable setting with a family sense. This feel for the rooms was extended to the clinical and operating areas. The final aspect was to provide patients with playful, stimulating rooms.

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