Pietro & Maria Marazzi Training Centre
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Pietro & Maria Marazzi Training Centre

Pietro & Maria Marazzi Training Centre
By Editorial Staff -
Marazzi has participated in the project
The new Pietro & Maria Marazzi Training Centre, designed by Uainot Architetti, is entirely dedicated to Marazzi Group development and update activities. It stands on a site of some 1000 sq m inside the Casiglie manufacturing estate at Sassuolo. Building such a centre is in line with the Group’s recent policy, which has been to pursue innovation in production and, in parallel, step up its own in-house training programmes. In the Marazzi training plan special attention has been given to bringing on the younger generation, providing technical-professional refresher courses, developing managerial staff, and training people in the company system of safety management. To house the training Centre a former office and laboratory building was converted. The plans aimed at minimizing all impact in terms of worksite wastage and achieving building flexibility + sustainability. The Centre is made up of ten teaching rooms, including a main lecture hall seating over 100, an audio-visual room, a technical room and a values room, as well as a library and consultation area, a reception and cafeteria space and two offices for the training service. A raised floor in medium-grey Sistem N porcelain stoneware and Sistem A Red, Blue, Green and Yellow crystallized stoneware (lux finish) made it possible to segment and house all technical installations below the floor (electricity, plumbing, phone, data transmission, conditioner, security). The building could thus be fitted out with the latest equipment without invasive alterations to the structure. The furnishing project deliberately pays tribute to company history. From the Marazzi archives old firebrick slabs to bake tiles on were brought out, as well as slates to check product quality, jars for enamel, updated in Marazzi Color Plan colours. The tiles chosen were Sistem N - Marazzi Tecnica White porcelain stoneware and Treverk-Marazzi Teak and Cappuccino porcelain stoneware. The sanitaryware installed comes from Hatria’s Area, Fusion Q 48 and Autonomy collections. Uniformity of materials, juxtaposition of new and historic furnishings, carefully dosed additions of colour are all features of the Pietro & Maria Marazzi Training Centre in which the company’s history and future mingle in harmony.

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