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Penthouse One -11

Fluid, unitary space

Zaha Hadid Architects

Penthouse One -11
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Penthouse One - 11 is part of a new residential complex designed by Zaha Hadid Architects in Milan’s new CityLife district. It is spread across two levels, covering over 280 sq.m with the addition of a terrace of more than 130 sq.m. The interior design project for this prestigious apartment was done entirely by Milano Contract District, involving the firm’s main and technical partners, and a number of other brands for the decoration. This fluid space - overlooking the city and surrounding park through continuous glazing - was interpreted by Milano Contract District as an “unicum”, a large space without divisions in which opaque and transparent partitions, the floor and cladding, the fixed and movable furnishings all follow and flow into each other. The result is a powerful, coherent unitary whole where the different surfaces and materials, unified by rigorous aesthetics, combine harmoniously in a balance of natural and technical. This overarching design approach led to a decision to use Slide Natural Genius hardwood flooring by Listone Giordano in all the rooms - except the entrance hall and kitchen - in the Oak Tortora version. Designed by Daniele Lago, Slide Natural Genius disrupts and distorts classic parquet shapes. Instead of right-angled rectangles, there are diamonds and trapezoids in various sizes that, when composed in a pattern, create a dynamic, 3D look. In some rooms, such as the bedroom and bathroom, the flooring extends onto the walls, seemingly expanding the volumes and making them even warmer and cozier. The naturalplus2 finish, a special solvent free varnish, makes the surfaces naturally opaque and draws out the wood grain, without compromising on scratch resistance and protection.


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